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Sales Agents and Distribution for Wooden Products

“ZENIPA” have been continuously working in woodworking since 1996. We make a lot of wood products.

The products to be sold are:
* non-standard wood industrial pallets
* Pallet block
* wood pellet bagged
* children's outdoor playground;
* wooden doors;
* wooden benches;
* wooden tables;
* wooden sandboxes;
* swing;
* wooden Recycle Bins.

Sales will be destined to UK, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Nederlands, Switzerland and Luxembourg.
We are looking for sales Agents, experienced sales representatives and distributors to further develop our international markets.
We look forward to your application. Experience with selling wood products is appreciated.
This offer is for all motivated people, willing to dedicate their time and attention to the product.
If interested, please connect with us by e-mail pardavimai@zenipa.lt
We look forward to hearing from you.

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